I am greatly passionate about helping creative women follow their dreams. It is crucial to have something which drives us, which makes us want to get out of bed each morning and fulfil our greatest desires.

Your business deserves to have a clear brand personality and defined content pillars which sets it apart from your competitors.

This is where August & Co come in. We understand that life can get busy. Between domestic duties, running after the kids, slotting in a yoga class, trying to get a full eight hours of sleep each night, and remembering to drink enough water – you can be forgiven for perhaps neglecting your branding. Let us help you with that overwhelm.

Whether you're starting a new business from scratch or updating an existing one, we will help your brand get on the right track.

‘I learn about your business, who you are, and why you do what you do, and then create something beautiful from that.' – Rachel Pearl, Founder August & Co.                                         

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'When you feel confident and excited about your website and brand, you feel liberated to shout to the rooftops about the products you're offering. You're more likely to reach out to that publication for a feature, or ask that influencer to collaborate'
- august & co.

Great question!

We take the time to learn about the intricacies of your business. Who you are, and why you do, what you do. Your story and vision are so important and once we get an understanding of these things, we will then be able to create something beautiful which perfectly represents your brand.

From stationery, to premium infused honey - I, alongside my husband, have founded and run many businesses - so I know what it’s like to be on the other side. I understand the passion, sacrifice, and time that goes into running your own business and this is why I become personally invested in yours, and I put my heart and soul into designing something you will love.

Nothing fires me up more than using my skills to help creative women entrepreneurs bring their dreams to reality and take their product or service from a hobby to a successful online business. In order to achieve that, you need to have a beautiful and functional website.  

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of jumping on website in order to purchase something, only to be met with messy functionality and confusion. Perhaps the search bar doesn’t work correctly, or the site isn’t mobile friendly… It’s probably safe to say that you left the website without purchasing anything, deciding that it’s a waste of time and energy.

August & Co ensures that this type of experience is not true for the visitors of your site. You deserve better, and so do your prospective customers.

Most of the time, we try to drive our audience to our website, in order to find out more information or to encourage sales – it is imperative to be a good host, making sure your online home attracts and converts those visitors!

Whether it's as simple as getting a professional wholesale catalogue designed, or as a big as getting the website of your dreams created for you, our hope is that you will invest in a brand that you are worthy of.

We are your biggest cheerleader! Once the project is complete – we will still be right alongside you, cheering you on as your business kicks goals! This is the power, of personal investment.

We can't wait to hear from you!

what makes us different?


For being a designer, I’m a terrible drawer! 

the not so important but fun/funny facts


I used to hate beer until my husband introduced me to IPA’s,
now I’ll take one over wine any day.  

the not so important but fun/funny facts


My husband and I started dating a week after I arrived in Australia from Canada, were engaged six months later and got married shortly after. We have been married for over 5 years and it’s still the best decision we both have ever made.

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If I could, I would have three dogs. My little Cavoodle named Beau (who we already have), a chocolate brown Grooodle, and a German Shepherd .

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I hate brushing my teeth standing up, I have to sit
on the side of my bathtub haha!

the not so important but fun/funny facts


My husband and I are constantly thinking of new business ideas. Together we have started over 5 businesses ranging from a maths tutoring app to premium infused honey!

the not so important but fun/funny facts